6 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Norway 🇳🇴

Every enthusiastic traveller should travel to Norway at some point.

An introduction

Cutting edge architecture and old wooden houses, fascinating street art and modern museums, Nordic cuisine and pavement cafes with a small town vibe.

 Here are 6 good reasons why you should travel to Norway.

1. Fjords

Norway is one of the few countries in the world where you can find Fjords – meandering sea bays with steep cliffs on both sides that were created by glaciers a very long time ago.

One of the beautiful things about travelling around Norway is that the Fjords don’t just have to be observed from the side, like on an observation deck or the side of a cruise ship. You can fully appreciate them by driving along or even doing activities such as rock climbing and kayaking. Better yet, you could find yourself a little spot to have a nice picnic – there will be plenty of these. All of these are options when you travel to Norway.

2. Northern Lights

Norway is also one of the only countries in the world where you can observe the Northern lights. You will have to consider the time of the year that you’ve chosen to travel to Norway. Northern Lights can be observed from October to April, however the best time for visiting Fjords is May to September.

Most of the country lies beyond the Arctic Circle. The Lofoten Islands are the southernmost point in Norway where you can still observe the spectacular phenomenon of Northern Lights. Northern Lights appear in the sky when the weather is dry and frosty, therefore you are most likely to observe the phenomenon during winter and early spring months. The most popular destination in Norway for watching Northern Lights is in Tromsø – a city in Northern Norway.

3. Spectacular Panoramic Views

Get ready to see some great panoramic views. Much of what you can see in pictures on the internet is basically just a small fraction of the true views you would experience if you travel to Norway.

The nature of Norway is so beautiful and diverse that beautiful views and spectacular panoramas at every step are just a part of everyday life there. You can enjoy these views in a variety of ways. The government has taken care of building observation platforms in a lot of the best viewing spots. A road trip by car or train can also be a great way to see some amazing views, same with going on a ferry tour.

You can expect some vivid emotions and ‘wow’ impressions for sure, but isn’t this why we travel?

4. Fishing

If you have never been fishing, Norway is probably the best place you could do it in. Fishing is an important part of everyday life and culture for many Norwegians. It’s also an integral part of why many people travel to Norway. Wild Atlantic Salmon, Char and Trout are caught in the local rivers and lakes. Fishing in the Fjords and deep sea fishing, you can catch Cod, Mackerel and Sea Trout. The best part is you can fish all year round in Norway.

Fishing equipment and boats can be rented at almost any campsite located near water. In some fishing villages along the sea coast and rivers you can also rent a cabin – small, simples houses in which fishermen live. It is legal for anyone to fish in the waters of Norway, but you have to comply with all of the rules and regulations set out by the government of Norway. You can get familiar with the laws here.

If you’re new to fishing, a great option would be to go on a fishing tour. These are available in basically all tourist areas near the coast in Norway.

5. Charming towns and villages

All the places in Norway, from bigger cities to the smallest villages are simply charming. Some towns like Bergen and Alesund boast a unique feel with their architecture. Others – historical monuments and museums, a pleasant atmosphere and good restaurants. All of the places in Norway have friendly residents – after all, Norway is constantly voted in the top 5 happiest countries in the world on the World Happiness Report.

Scandinavian towns and villages are distinguished by a special style and character of living, which is always interesting for travellers.

6. Travelling around Norway is easy

Lastly, the final reason on our list of why you should travel to Norway – It’s super easy to travel around Norway. This is why we recommend independent travel around Norway, even for inexperienced travellers. You can get easily get around by car or public transport.

Norway has a well-developed transport system and infrastructure, which is largely oriented around tourism. Train, bus and ferry schedules are well coordinated between each other to allow you to easily move around the country using their public transport system. Online booking for train, bus and ferry tickets is easy. If you’re a traveller who likes to keep everything under control in advance you will definitely appreciate it.


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