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Stunning white sand beaches with plenty of sunshine all year-round and just a 6-hour jet lag-free flight from the UK.
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An Introduction

It should come as no surprise that more and more British tourists are setting off on holidays to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is located off the west coast of Africa, and is made up of 10 islands floating in the Atlantic Ocean. With low prices, plenty of activities, beautiful weather and stunning scenery, holidays to Cape Verde are guaranteed to have something for every type of traveller.

Local Language

Portugese is the official language of Cape Verde.

Average Flight Time

Cape Verde is 1-hour behind the UK (GMT-1).


Cape Verde’s national currency is the Cape Verdean escudo (CVE).

Local Time

The average flight time from the UK is 6 hrs.

Which is the best island in Cape Verde?

The most popular destination for holidays to Cape Verde is the desert island of Sal. With the islands barren interior also comes miles of coastline, where powdery sand meets turquoise water. 

The biggest town on the island is Santa Maria, which is especially popular for those booking all-inclusive holidays to Cape Verde. Other than the stunning beaches, visitors are seduced by the sound of morna music, abundance of beachside bars and the close proximity to Ilha do Sal’s airport and capital city. To top it off, the island of Sal is famous for its diving spots. There may not be any reefs, but the lava caves, shipwrecks, tropical critters and whale sharks more than make up for it.

It’s southern rival is the island of Boa Vista. You will still find the same stunning beaches and turquoise water, but with less sun-loungers and jewellery purveyors.

Best things to do in Cape Verde

If you love to party, the isle of São Vicente might just be the best place for it. It’s main town, Mindelo is where Morna music, the culturally important genre of the archipelago, is best experienced.

Cape Verde’s modern-day capital Praia is located on the island of Santiago. The island has plenty of things to see and do, including hiking it’s leafy interior and visiting the historic UNESCO heritage site of Cidade Velha – a former slave-trade port. The town still has some of its colonial sites intact, like the royal fortress, two churches and a 16th-century town square.

Another great place for hiking is Santo Antão, the second largest island of Cape Verde. The setting is absolutely gorgeous with streams connecting jagged ridgetops with lush valleys and banana plantations.

Fogo is another small island of Cape Verde. It’s special because it sports the highest altitude of any island in the archipelago, in the form of an active volcano – which you can climb! If you’re really into trekking and hiking you can also give São Nicolau and Brava a chance – the greenest, coolest and one of the smallest islands of the archipelago and it even has its own micro-climate.

These types of activities are not the only things holidays to Cape Verde have to offer. There is also caving in volcanic tubes on Fogo, exotic bird watching on Santiago and blue marlin fishing off the coast of São Vicente and São Nicolau.

For more extreme types there is also kite and windsurfing on Sal and Boa Vista with 20-knot gusts to get your heart racing.

Best time to visit Cape Verde

The great thing about Cape Verde is its geographical location on the globe. The island of Sal gets 350 annual days of sunshine on average, with the other islands not far behind. Even in winter, the islands are usually warmer than the Canaries, with April’s weather being especially good. Peak summer temperatures are cooler than Greece, Turkey and Spain with winds blowing steadily throughout the year – especially in winter. The great thing about that is it makes winter months, especially December, great for surfing.

The weather in October is suited for trekking and hiking, with the wet season having left the western islands of Cape Verde beautifully lush.

If you’re after a bargain and looking for the best deals on holidays to Cape Verde keep in mind that hotel prices there are at their lowest from April to June. There are also usually some great last-minute deals for holidays to Cape Verde available in July and August with the weather still being great.

You can combine relaxation with a dose of culture by going on holiday to Cape Verde during their carnaval season. São Vicente Carnaval sees flamboyant floats and feasts take place around the island 40 days before Easter. There is also the Santiago Gamboa Festival, which is held in mid-May. The festival attracts musicians from all over the world and when you combine this with the warm May weather and it’s beach setting it creates a truly magical vibe that is worth visiting for.

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